Philippines: New Seizure and Concerns of the Bureau of Customs

After 3 months of covert surveillance of the target, a spectacular seizure has recently been announced in a report by the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service (CIIS) of the Philippines Bureau of Customs (BOC).
Seized in three warehouses in Dagupan Center located in Manila, the counterfeit products, imported from China, included, in particular, Rexona deodorants, Safeguard soaps, Bulldog super glue, Spalding basketballs, Mongol pencils; toothbrushes and insects sprays, for a total estimated value of Php 105 million (€1.865.285).

However, the BOC is concerned about the fundamental issue raised by this successful seizure. Indeed, as the products have been seized in Manila and were already in circulation, the question is to know how they could enter the Philippine territory and, in particular, how they could cross the border without being intercepted by border customs authorities.

This seizure thus reveals a possible failure in port and border control, a lack of knowledge on the registered trademarks as well as a lack of shipment risk assessment techniques. It appears, therefore, necessary to intensify Customs border activity in order to tackle massive Chinese imports of counterfeit products to the country.


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