Enforcement is the core of protection and adding value to your IP assets

We recognize that your intellectual property is a significant asset to your business. Our aim is to achieve the best commercial result possible in any enforcement action. This can mean adopting a robust and aggressive style of litigation, or adopting a conciliatory approach in order to reach settlement.

S&O trademark and patent attorneys and lawyers counsel on a full spectrum of issues relating to the enforcement of our clients’ rights to protect their products and business.

Our Core Areas of Expertise Include:

Anti-counterfeiting Strategies

Our anti-counterfeit experts provide valuable assistance to our clients in their brand protection through the development and implementation of anti-counterfeiting strategies throughout Asia and CIS countries. We work closely with regional customs services in the seizure of counterfeit goods and to control parallel importation of genuine products across borders.

Market Monitoring and Watching Services

We constantly keep track of new trademarks and applications for unfair competition purposes. Our highly experienced attorneys can advise on prosecuting and commencing civil litigation against infringers.

Market monitoring provides our clients with valuable on-the-ground and up-to-date information about the state of counterfeiting of their products in the market. Monitoring services are tailored to fit each client’s needs.

IPR Enforcement Raids

Our anti-counterfeiting services obtain evidence on, and information about, sellers’ identities. We tackle issues across the internet on websites such as eBay, Tao Bao, Alibaba and other websites and auction accounts, as well as markets and retail stores. This allows us to identify distributor networks and locations.

Enforcement actions are increasingly being used to help protect our clients against brand pirates. Our collaborative relationship with police and administrative authorities means that S&O can help protect and maximize the value of your intellectual property by enabling us to successfully act against people who make, ship or stock counterfeit products.

IPR Trainings

We support our clients with internal trainings as well as technical assistance to help them understand and manage their intellectual property more effectively. We also provide regular trainings for local customs and police authorities, making them more efficient and proactive in protecting our clients’ intellectual property rights.

Customs Measures

We work closely with customs on counterfeit goods seizure, and tracking the paths of counterfeit goods and parallel importation of genuine products.

Our team of consultants and agents represent six countries and speak eight different languages, and are dedicated to understanding your business and issues. With the strength of our expertise, S&O clients can be confident that their property rights will be efficiently and effectively protected throughout their lifetime.

We are committed to the protection of our clients’ intellectual, visual and recognizable property. Talk to us about your requirements on mail@schmitt-orlov.asia


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