Trademarks protect your brand and business

In a world defined by image and reputation it is vital to protect your brand and the identity of your products.  Trademarks protect brand names and logos used on goods and services.

Our Team

Our team of specialist trademark attorneys is expert in the practice of commercial identity protection. Our knowledge and experience in trademarks, patents, copyright, registered and unregistered designs, domain names, company names and unfair competition ensures that our clients receive a full portfolio service.  We guide and support our clients’ journey from the development of strategies for protecting your brand and business, through the application process, through to long-term protection of both single trademarks and portfolios.

Our attorneys understand the commercial pressures faced by businesses. We pride ourselves on providing commercially relevant advice on trademark related issues and strategies. We are readily available to advise and look after all our clients’ requirements.

 Our Core Areas of Expertise

 Long-term Trademark Protection

We help our clients develop the right applications and agreements to register and then protect their trademark from inception throughout its lifetime, both nationally and internationally.

Through conducting clearance searches, we ensure that our clients are legally protected from the outset. Finding an available trademark, we can also negotiate co-existence agreements to obtain the maximum scope of rights. We give our clients peace of mind that their interests are being looked after at all times, by ensuring a smooth, fast process of application and registration, and challenging and mediating disputes where required.

We offer long-term protection of your business identities through our trademark monitoring services, and are experienced in handling administrative, criminal and civil actions.

We also provide consultation in relation to customs protection and training. We co-operate with Customs, Police and administrative authorities to strengthen our ability to prevent counterfeiting and misuse of your trademark.

Our team of consultants and agents represent six countries and speak eight different languages, and are dedicated to understanding your business and issues. With the strength of our expertise, S&O clients can be confident that their property rights will be efficiently and effectively protected throughout their lifetime.

We are committed to the protection of our clients’ intellectual, visual and recognizable property. Talk to us about your requirements on


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