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Advice on compliance and expert drafting and negotiating of agreements, licenses and contracts

Media and Entertainment, protecting creativity

Protect your creative expressions by seeking our advice on intellectual property law in media and entertainment.

Media and entertainment law is a burgeoning aspect of our firm’s expertise.  At S&O, we understand the importance of protecting your content, whether and are equipped to provide you with specialized advice on transactions, litigation and dispute resolution.

Our Team

Our experienced specialists provide advice on a wide range of aspects of the entertainment industry, including audiovisual production, games and music. Our clients benefit from valued advice on compliance and expert drafting and negotiating of agreements, licences and contracts.

Our Core Areas of Expertise Include:

Our team of consultants and agents represent six countries and speak eight different languages, and are dedicated to understanding your business and issues. With the strength of our expertise, S&O clients can be confident that their property rights will be efficiently and effectively protected throughout their lifetime.

We are committed to the protection of our clients’ intellectual, visual and recognizable property. Talk to us about your requirements on


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