Getting rights protected is only part of the journey in the life-time of your property rights.

Litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution, representing and defending your rights

We will represent and defend your intellectual property rights through litigation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution options.

Getting rights protected is only part of the journey in the life-time of your property rights. You may be accused of infringing someone else’s rights or consider competitors to be infringing yours. Specializing exclusively in intellectual property with expertise in trademarks, patents, copyrights and design law, our clients can be confident that we are pursuing and defending proceedings for infringement, invalidity, passing off or misleading and deceptive conduct.

Our Team

We recognize that litigation and alternative dispute resolution is one of the most essential aspects of legal practice, and our teams have extensive expertise in handling administrative, criminal and civil actions. S&O provides immediate access to teams of trial ready attorneys and mediators in all areas of intellectual property law, delivering a fully comprehensive service.

Our Core Areas of Expertise Include:

Our teams’ knowledge and extensive experience of the intellectual property law arena is unrivalled.  Whilst aiming to get an amicable solution and settlement at the pre-trial stage if legal action is required, our goal is to manage proceedings efficiently to ensure a fast and commercially positive outcome. We represent both domestic and overseas organizations in areas such as suppression of infringement activities and damage recovery for intellectual property subjects.

Our team of consultants and agents represent six countries and speak eight different languages, and are dedicated to understanding your business and issues. With the strength of our expertise, S&O clients can be confident that their property rights will be efficiently and effectively protected throughout their lifetime.

We are committed to the protection of our clients’ intellectual, visual and recognizable property. Talk to us about your requirements on

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