A round up of the latest Intellectual Property news.

Hong Kong and Shenzhen Authorities Halt iPhone Smuggling Operation

Authorities have stopped a cross-border gang who used a system of drones, giant motorized wheels and cables to smuggle more than HK $620 million worth of mobile phones between Hong Kong and the mainland. Officials arrested 26 people in Shenzhen and seized two drones, two wheels and 4,000 mobile phones worth HK $20 million. In […]

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Ruling on Copyright For Sports Broadcasts in China

At the end of March 2018 the Beijing IP Court ruled on copyright protection for sports broadcasts shedding some positive light on the matter. In the case of CCTV and its recorded broadcasts of the Brazilian World Cup (2014) CCTV argued that the broadcast was either a cinematographic work or an audiovisual recording (entitled to […]

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