A round up of the latest Intellectual Property news.

Manpower Shortage, an Issue for Fully Effective IP Crime Suppression in Thailand

Nuntawan Sakuntanaga, chief of the Department of Intellectual Property of Thailand, said, after a meeting of the National Intellectual Property Policy Committee (NIPPC) at Government House on February 11th that a list of 25 market zones selling a high number of counterfeits was in place at her department since 2003. How is it that these […]

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The Improvement of the Geographical Indication System in Southeast Asia

The last two months were fruitful for with regards to the development of geographical indication system (GI) in Southeast Asia. For instance, the Intellectual Property Department of Thailand has recently expressed its wish to encourage the development of GI, while in Vietnam, the French Development Agency (AFD) announced in November that it would provide USD1.09 […]

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The Enactment of Law on Internet Security in Vietnam in a Context of Cyber-Attacks Growth

The National Assembly deputies approved the Law on Internet information security during their plenary session in Hanoi, Vietnam on November 19th. The law defines the information security on three levels: cyber information violations, cyber information conflicts, and cyber warfare. It also includes regulations on preventing and fighting online terrorism. The law – which will enter […]

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