Manpower Shortage, an Issue for Fully Effective IP Crime Suppression in Thailand

Nuntawan Sakuntanaga, chief of the Department of Intellectual Property of Thailand, said, after a meeting of the National Intellectual Property Policy Committee (NIPPC) at Government House on February 11th that a list of 25 market zones selling a high number of counterfeits was in place at her department since 2003.
How is it that these markets are still at the heart of the IP violations in Thailand?

According to Ms Nuntawan, the crime-suppression agencies should be asked more frequently if they need more manpower or budget. Her department itself cannot make arrests, and thus needs to get in touch with the police, the army or the Department of Special Investigations (DSI) if need be.

The events that took place in Rong Kluea market the previous week (see previous article) showed that such shortage touched the DSI, who was quickly overwhelmed by a mob while making an arrest. However, the DSI’s efforts should not be undermined by that hiccup, as the DSI multiplies efforts in order to cut down fake goods in the sensitive zones
The DIP is also faced with a manpower shortage themselves, as their 20 patent examination experts are currently dealing with the 10.000 patent applications coming in every year, hence the 60.000 applications backlog currently held by the department. However, efforts are made to improve the situation, as the meeting discussed the possible hiring of new DIP patent experts to deal with the situation. [Source: nationmultimedia]

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