A round up of the latest Intellectual Property news.

Cambodian Mob Injures Officers During a Raid in Thailand

On February 3rd, at the Rong Kluea market, at the Thai-Cambodia border (on the Thailand side), the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) of Thailand tried to organize a raid in order to arrest a Cambodian female vendor selling counterfeit goods of famous brands, such as belts and perfume. Rong Kluea market is a well-known place […]

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How Theme Parks are Great Sources for the Creation of IP in SEA

A project for a new amusement park is being developed by former Disneyland creators in Indonesia. The plan is, unlike Disneyland or other theme parks such as Harry Potter land or Star Wars land, to create a brand new universe, and new stories over a 5000 acres land. The theme park business was created by […]

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Thai and Vietnamese Authorities Warn Local Companies About Their Lack of IPR Awareness

In Thailand and Vietnam, the Intellectual Property bodies have recently spoken on the ways IP protection had to improve over the years to come in their respective countries. In both countries, IP is quite a recent affair, and after passing the necessary laws in order to set a legal framework matching those of the developed […]

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