Cambodian Mob Injures Officers During a Raid in Thailand

On February 3rd, at the Rong Kluea market, at the Thai-Cambodia border (on the Thailand side), the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) of Thailand tried to organize a raid in order to arrest a Cambodian female vendor selling counterfeit goods of famous brands, such as belts and perfume.
Rong Kluea market is a well-known place for counterfeits in Thailand, according to the DSI chief deputy director-general Major Suriya Singha-Kamol. After getting a search warrant, issued by the intellectual-property-rights Court of Thailand, in order to raid the shop, the DSI then went on to proceeded to the arrest.

Accompanied by the legal representative of the companies owning the trademarks of the infringing goods, the DSI decided to place the vendor into custody, but failed to inform the local police or the military of the operation.
As they arrested the woman, and seized some of the merchandises she was selling, a large mob of 400 Cambodian civilians fought with the DSI agents in order to have their compatriot released, and the situation was only settled after the intervention of the military unit.

It is reported that eight DSI agents were injured in the process, and even though the department will take legal actions against the perpetrators, most of them have fled the Thai territory and went back to Cambodia after the event happened. Two Cambodian mob members have reportedly been arrested and are waiting for the case to unfold.
Major Suriya Singha-Kamol said, however, that the DSI was not going to give up on this case, despite the tumultuous events which occurred last month. In an effort to get the US Trade Representative remove Thailand from the Priority watch list, after their planned probe next March or April, the operations at Rong Kleua will continue, in order to crack down on fake goods. [Source : nationmultimedia]

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