A round up of the latest Intellectual Property news.

Brand New IP Law to Come Into Force in Laos

A new Law on IP (No 38/NA), dated November 15, 2017 has been published on Laos official gazette, on May 25, 2018. This new law, replacing the previous law on Intellectual Property No. 01/NA of 2011 will come into force on June 9, 2018

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Blockchain Will Be Used to Protect Intellectual Property in China

Huang Qinghua, vice president of Xiamen Anne Corp, during copyright summit in Shenzhen, said blockchain technology is resistant to data modification after its registration, which can ensure the safety of the original work and provide an efficient and cost-effective way to protect Intellectual Property.

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International Forum on China Brand Development Was Held in Shanghai

During the first International Forum on China Brand Development, which was wrapped up in Shanghai on 10th of May, Government officials promised further measures to help Chinese companies grow their brands.

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Indonesian Monkey Appeal Fails

Seven years ago, an Indonesian Macaque named Naruto took a “selfie” with the camera of a photographer. This unexpected situation led to an intellectual property dispute between a macaque and a photographer. On April 23, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals stated in favor of the photographer. In the first instance, the photographer (Mr. David […]

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Vietnam: Conference on Public-Private Co-Operation in IP Rights Infringement

Infringement of intellectual property rights are increasing, and efforts need to be made to rectify this. As a response to this increase, the “Improvement of public-private co-operation efficiency in anti-counterfeiting and –IPR infringement” conference was held on Friday 30 March 2018, in Ho Chi Minh City. In Vietnam, IP infringements are increasing, and infringers are […]

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Vietnam: A Need to Establish an Intellectual Property Court

In most countries, judges are playing a huge and necessary role in protecting IP rights. While in Vietnam, the courts are not specialized in this field leading to a scenario where from 2012 to 2015, almost all infringement cases were handled by an administrative agent. It would seem that the establishment of an IP Court […]

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