International Forum on China Brand Development Was Held in Shanghai

During the first International Forum on China Brand Development, which was wrapped up in Shanghai on 10th of May, Government officials promised further measures to help Chinese companies grow their brands. As the country is pushing forward with its strategy of shifting from Made in China to Branded in China, and from China Speed to China Quality, industry watchers and entrepreneurs from the public and private sector shared their views on how domestic brands can become stronger and play a bigger role in the global market.

Nian Yong, The director of the coordination department of the National Development and Reform Commission, called on enterprises to focus on improving quality and that only through long-term efforts to build credible quality they can become recognized brands.

Vice Premier Hu Chunhua said, in his keynote speech that Chinese companies should use the Belt and Road initiative more effectively to strive for greater international cooperation, to expand their global footprint and at the same time learn from the best practices of their foreign counterparts. The expo, hosted by the National Development and Reform Commission jointly with the Communist Party of China’s publicity department, and the ministries of agriculture and commerce, is the first of its kind after the State Council last year appointed the Chinese Brand Day, which will be held on May 10 each year.

Daniel Zhang, executive director of Alibaba Group, said that they will help Chinese companies deepen the process of their digital processing and help take digital measures to transform their business models into a new era and bring more Chinese brands to the global arena. According to Alibaba’s Tmall retail site, in the furniture, home appliances and building materials sectors, Chinese brands took 70% market share in 2017. However, in sports goods, consumer electronics, personal care products and beauty, they lag behind their foreign colleagues.

Chen Wentong, deputy director of the Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office, promised that the organization would continue to protect intellectual property rights for trademarks and would also improve the fight against intellectual property infringements, such as forging of well-known brands. Last year, the office reviewed 30,100 violations related to trademarks in China, and issued sanctions totaling 470 million RMB (74 million U.S. dollars).

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