On 12 December a Chinese official announced that China needed to improve its IPR protection governance system between the government and both online and offline platforms. Mr. Han, the director of IP Development and Research Center of the CNIPA said that when the co-governance system could be improved, it would lead to the improvement of the IPR system in the realm of e-commerce; hence it would strengthen governance capability and efficiency.

From the point of view of the current Chinese legal system, Chinese e-commerce platforms have formulated special platform rules, which cover different kinds of relationships between business companies in the platform. According to the CNIPA’s evaluation, IPR protection rules are of great importance for business entities.

The IPR protection rules integrated in the Chinese e-commerce platforms mainly deal with identifying and punishing infringement products, providing IP holders with solutions concerning with IPR violation.

The Chinese government has recently established jointly with e-commerce platforms 3 handling regimes for online patent infringement complaints. Mr. Cao, the director of the IP protection department in the CNIPA noted that nowadays e-commerce was considered to be a core of the country’s economic development, but some characteristics of e-commerce platform posed new tasks to the IPR protection work. Despite the sphere of e-commerce appeared not long ago, it has been achieved magnificent results in the IPR protection of e-commerce.

Mr. Cao finally concluded that the next step in protection IP rights will be improving law enforcement cooperation, strengthening IP protection, ways of mediation and arbitration in IP disputes.


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