Philippines – The Innovative Plan Replacing Counterfeits In Philippines

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) proposed a new campaign to suppress counterfeits in Greenhills shopping center, a shopping mall in the city of San Juan in the Philippines. On this point, the aim of this plan is to change Greenhills reputation from a center for fake goods to a center for local crafts.

The IPOPHL expected that a new Greenhills can become a premier center for high quality and inventive Filipino products created by Filipino inventors, entrepreneurs, and designers. Moreover, the local designed and crafted products would urge for development of the Intellectual Property in this country such as industrial design patents. IPOPHL identified jewelry-making as an advantage for Filipinos along with specialized crafts like doll-making that may threaten imports. The IPOPHL director also provided the networks of Innovation and Technology Support Offices in order to support local research and development.

In addition, IPOPHL is cooperating with other appropriate authorities to collect suggestions and assistance to improve this innovative plan. In order to replace the current counterfeits in Greenhill, the increased enforcement will be intensified for the renovation of this center. [Source: Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines]

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