Fifth generation wireless (5G) technology is the next step into the future and there is a race between the global powers to pull out ahead and dominate the sector for decades to come.
By the start of 2017, an estimated 10% of the 1450 key technology patents needed for a 5G network were held by the Chinese, with ZTE and Huawei dominating the ownership. Last year, Huawei alone spent over $10 billion on the research and development of its 5G technology, with ambitious plans to roll out their new phones offering 5G services by mid-2019.

With the high amount of intellectual property that the Chinese own in relation to 5G technology, it opens up the opportunity for China to have more control over how the new technology is going to be used in the future globally.

China is quickly rising and becoming a big player in a multitude of technological industries. In addition to 5G, China has made big strides in AI. Tech giants such as Tencent and Alibaba have expanded their patent portfolios, enabling them to rival Microsoft and Google. In the last year, China has filed for more than eight times the amount of AI patents than their western counterparts. Nigel Swycher, CEO of Cipher, an AI analytics platform, has stated that it is likely China will “take the lead across a number of foundational technologies”. It seems that It seems that China’s growth will not be stopping anytime soon. [Source: INTERNETOFBUSINESS.COM]

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